Case and Plate Design

Physical goodness.

Kerf Settings for Various Services



Thickness Kerf in mm
3mm 0.2
4.5mm 0.25
6mm 0.26
8mm 0.24


Stainless Steel:

Thickness Kerf in mm
1.5mm 0.15

Switch Dimensions and Physical Specifications

For a list of all switch datasheets available on hand, please see the switch datasheets tab of ai03's designer resources spreadsheet


Plate with ai03 Plate Generator

A quick and easy method that doesn't compromise.


  1. Begin by making the layout in Keyboard Layout Editor.
    If you need compatibility cutouts, overlay the various options.
  2. Copy the info from the Raw Data tab into the KLE Data field at ai03 Plate Generator.

  3. Select the switch cutout types, stabilizer types, fillet radii, etc.
  4. Press the "Generate Plate" button to download the plate.

  5. Tune to perfection using a CAD program of your choice. Enjoy!

Using ai03 Plate Generator as a CLI tool

The ai03 plate generator doesn't have to be web-hosted.