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PCB Guide Part 6 - Fill zones, decoration and production

PCB Design PCB Designer Guide

Now that the routing is finished, let's tune the PCB up. Step 11. Ground fills You may remember the mention about how the crystal zone is sensitive.We can protect it, along with other components, from external electrical noise through the use of ground fills...

Example repo

PCB Design PCB Designer Guide This repository contains the latest version of the example PCB built following the guide.

Breakaway Tabs

PCB Design Advanced Info

Occasionally, you'll want to use breakaway tabs in your PCB to combine a few PCBs into a single physical board that breaks apart. This guide explains how to use them to your advantage. 1. Obtaining the footprint Grab the random-keyboard-parts.pretty library...

PCB Quantity vs Price Comparisons

PCB Design References

Using JLCPCB price quotes. All blanks; no PCBA cost factored in. First set of data without shipping; Second set of data including DHL shipping to US:

QMK Basics

Keyboard Firmware

A short guide by PyroL. Free yourself from those prebaked, out-of-date and several-hundred-commits-behind tools! All info available at Getting QMK Using your favorite command-line, clone the main repo by running: git clone https://git...

PCB Guide Part 7 - USB-C and LEDs

PCB Design PCB Designer Guide

Notice: This page is incomplete and is currently being written. Let's spice up the project with a more versatile connector and a bit of eyecandy. Step 16. Switching to C Until this page is complete, see

Brutally honest truths of designing cases

Case and Plate Design

This addresses the most common issues I see with case design.   1. Don't one-off that one-off. "I want to make this keyboard, but I don't want to sell it, so I'll just make one for myself." Sounds reasonable for the designer, yes. However, keep in mind tha...

Some Resources

Keyset Design

Here is a list of a few helpful resources that might help you get started designing. This doc seems to no longer receiving updates (this may change soon as the discord it belongs to was revived) but still contains some very good relevant information. htt...

Keycap Designers Discord (KDD)

Keyset Design

The once-dead keycap designers' discord has been brought back to life and is full of great people and resources to help a budding designer. Join us at the link below!