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For making edits, please follow this structure:

Wiki Structure

Books - Top level categories, i.e. PCB Design, Switch Selection

Chapters - Sub-categories within books, if necessary. i.e. Beginner and advanced chapters in PCB design

Pages - Hold the actual info. i.e. The switch descriptions page

General Suggestions

  • Use correct grammar whenever possible.
  • Use headers, horizontal lines, and indents to organize info.
  • Cite or link sources whenever possible.

Other Info

  • If you spot any inappropriate edits, please check the revision history and report the incident to ai03 as soon as possible.
  • If you are creating a new book and need a hand drawn icon for it, please contact ai03 via Discord,Discord for a request or mimic the style with a size 40 brush on a 2000x2000 png.template.