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List of KiCad Keyboard Parts Libraries

For all footprint needs.
Library name Library description Author URL
MX_Alps_Hybrid.pretty Combined MX-Alps hybrid footprints ai03
keebs.pretty KiCAD library for hybrid MX/Alps footprints and microcontrollers egladman
keyboard_parts.pretty KiCad modules for keyboard design Hasu
keyboard_parts.pretty Fork of Hasu's library with more footprints colemarkham
kicad_lib_tmk KiCad library for tmk project Hasu
random-keyboard-parts.pretty Various parts for keyboards, such as Mini-B USB connectors, reset buttons, etc. ai03


WS2812B.pretty KiCad footprints for WS2812B LEDs (and pin-compatible ones) madworm
WS2812B.pretty Fork of above tailored for automated PCB assembly ai03


Keebio-Parts.pretty Various KiCAD footprints for mechanical keyboard parts keebio
Type-C.pretty Library for a few Type-C USB connectors ai03